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Almond Toffees

One of the stars of our product lineup is our classic toffee. From the classic milk chocolate almond toffee, to the subtle dark chocolate pecan toffee, to the unexpectedly creamy-crisp white chocolate macadamia toffee, each batch is a light, crisp, butter toffee delight. We start with a traditional English toffee recipe dating back more than 300 years, and worked hard to perfect it and give it our own delicious caramel toffee twist.  Each piece is light, crisp, and buttery, hand-stirred, and hand-scooped from a copper kettle. Depending on which toffee candy we’re making, we stir the nuts into the batch at the very end, so they roast just a little bit, but not so they scorch. Our toffee candy is never gooey or sticky, it’s a butter toffee that has a crisp snap, and doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. It is truly the best English toffee you’ll find this side of the pond, and truly one of our customers’ favorites!