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We make delicious creamy-soft caramel from scratch in small batches every day and dollop it onto a bed of crunchy pecan pieces to form the body of the Tortue (the French word for turtle).

Each pecan-caramel patty is then hand-swirled with your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate to create the turtle's shell.

We also offer plain tortues, which are simply patties of our rich, soft caramel on a crunchy pecan base, without any chocolate on top. Just choose Plain from the drop-down menu. Note: Plain tortues are NOT included in assortments. Not big on pecans? We also make tortues with other nuts, or no nuts at all, to please every palate.

Buy 5 x One Pound Boxes and save $1 per pound! 

WINNER: Best Candy Award, Martha's Vineyard Show

10-12 tortues per pound

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